Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The True Reason For Christmas

We decided to take Family Home Evening and spend our time up at the temple. I love to go see the lights on Monday because there aren't as many people crowding and we get a more sacred feeling for the kids. It is interesting to hear their comments as we go. I remember hearing Molly say to me: "Mom, it must cool for all those people who get to live near the temple and see it lit up all the time?" I can see glimpses of how much the church truly means to my children. we were sitting in front of the Christus in the visitor's center when all three kids plus me took pictures. It was funny to see that all four pictures of the same statue were all completely different. Corinna focused more on his face. Molly wanted his hands and face because it showed the nail prints in his hands. Bryan chose the head to toe shot because he wanted to remember all of the things Jesus did not just part so he wanted the whole picture. I thought I would print them off and put them in their stockings to remember that night. Maybe framed if I get the chance. We shall see!!! We also were blessed to see an original printing of the Book of Mormon from 1830. Allan Coates' name was inscribed on the inside and was given to him by Joseph Smith. I am assuming that Joseph wrote his name on the inside. It was very neat for the kids to see just how old it truly was and how special it was. I am grateful for our side trips on Family Home Evening where the season of Christmas can become a truly beautiful season. Merry Christmas to all!!!

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melissa said...

The temple looks so beautiful! You're lucky to live close by.