Wednesday, December 5, 2007

What to do with a "soon to be" teen?!

Ok! I am officially feeling old as I realized my oldest daughter Corinna will be turning into a dreaded TEENAGER!!!!! What have I done to deserve this torture?!?! Well, that is what most parents say when their kids reach this point. I am of another opinion though. Truly I was not in my best senses when the kids were babies. I am not too fond of the lack of sleep, although i hear there are a lot of sleepless nights with teens too. I totally loved the day when the kids learned to make their own cereal in the morning. that was a great moment in my life. Now, here I am going from life manager to counselor. I can encourage my little girl to do things that are important, but at the same time trying to force a teen to do anything is like nailing jello to a tree. I have learned that you can counsel your child to do something but the harder you try to push them the harder they push the other direction.
My beautiful girl has a lot of enthusiasm and is a carbon copy of me when I was her age personality-wise. She is far better looking than the gangly kid I was. However, that is neither here nor there. She loves to spend time with her friends at church and loves going to mutual. She went to Girl's Camp and told me after the long week there that she had found her testimony. She is concentrating on her grades because she has a desire to attend BYU. She does get a bit over emotional at times when I explain to her that her hormones are out of whack. She then takes a second to calm herself down before we move on to finish our talk. So, I am looking forward to her being a teen as she is already a really cool kid. Now, when Molly hits...I think I will need Valium...we'll deal with that later though!!!!

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