Saturday, December 8, 2007

Girl's Go Nuts For Wrangler Butts!!!

OK!!!! Just because nobody believed I would put that topic on my blog here it is!!! As most of you know we run our own General Store. We have a little bit of everything (animal feed, hay, horse tack, cowboy boots, ropes, spurs, belt buckles the size of a dinner plate, cattle prods for waking up your husband on time for church,and yes even Wranglers).

Today was a huge day for us. Don and I ran our booties off trying to satisfy all the Christmas shopping needs. I sold so many pairs of Wranglers to our female customers that you would not believe. Now, I have to say, the best thing about the country people is that they have a very wicked sense of humor, which suits me very well. We enjoy everyone that comes in. I get to spend all day talking to people and then I get to take their money. Sounds like the best job in the world to me!!! Anyway, we had fun with them today. We ran from one thing to another being only able to sit down for about 5 minutes all day. With the slow shopping season so far we were thankful to be keeping busy. So, when a friend stopped by today and asked if we wanted to meet them out for pizza after work I as thrilled because that meant that I did not have to cook. Now, that my friends, is some serious Christmas magic!!!!

Of course as for the title of this post I have to tell you that if y'all have never seen a cowboy wearing a pair of wranglers then ladies I have to say that you are missing out on something!!! No jeans can do what a nice pair of wranglers can for a guy.

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