Saturday, December 15, 2007

A Lovely Night!!!

We were invited to a friend's house last night for dinner. To be quite honest I have a huge cold in my throat and I was feeling pretty miserable and all I wanted to do was to climb under the covers of my bed and snooze away. I know that today would be busy with Christmas Shoppers at our store so I was quite happy to regain my strength and be my pathetic self in bed. However, since we had already rsvp'd that we 'd be there we couldn't miss it. I am glad that we went because we had a great time. i would bet that it would not have been as much fun hiding from the world in my bed. It was a good night, we relaxed and ate some really great food and played a few rounds of a game. Being that I was hopped up on my cold medicine and my thoughts weren't as clear a everyone else I felt like the chips were stacked against me in any fast paced game . I did have fun though and that was the point. I could have totally OD'd on the relaxation and laughter in the room that night. It really picked me up in spirits to be able to gather with some friends.


Poetry of Life said...

Can't wait to do it again! We had such a good time and hope that we will make this a more regular thing!

Tammy said...

Definitely!!!! I guess Don volunteered our house next so I will start a plannin'!!!!