Sunday, December 16, 2007

OK! OK! I give!!!

Ok!! So I have some friendly elves trying to get me to cheer up. For those sweet elves thank you so much. I think it is just the wear and tear on my body from this cold that has got me down. I have been working hard trying to get things done around here and I am happy toannounce that I will be finishing off all my Christmas chores tomorrow. I need to mail off a package to my brother-in-law's place in Texas tomorrow and then a few gift cards for the nieces ans nephews and I can count myself finished. i am thrilled about that one!!!! I have decided to work on some homemade gifts for next year, but first I need to make sure that I get my current projects that I have on my project desk done. The girls and I are going to start on our version of crazy quilts. I have to say making perfect squares never was my strong point and being precise is just no fun to me SO, instead i am going to be working on completely random concoctions out of materials the girls have chosen. We shall see how it is all done, but we are hoping it will be a fun project for us. they can cut the different angles and I will work the materials together on the machine. Who knows? We may get it done by next Christmas!!! I'll post a picture when and if we ever get started. perhaps the few days that we have off for the new year we can get it started. We shall see. i still need to sew the buttons on my girl's camp quilt for next year!!! We shall see!!!

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Liz said...

you said you're not crafty or creative!? the quilt sounds like fun. and, btw, molly CAN sew on a button. we did a sewing thing at activity days last time. she can even thread a needle *wow*