Thursday, December 20, 2007

The sad sad news!!!

Well, to be honest it is a very sad day that i had to bring the Jeep back to the dealership. i don't blame them for wanting it back when the financing backs out. I am so upset at the people promising to watch over us and then just because we own our own store they don't want to take a chance. Well, I did find a lender who is taking care of it for us but it will take a couple weeks to get it finished. Now, please understand that I am completely calm. My soul feels fine.I have no worries about it. Once we finish the financing we will head back and perhaps my sweet little Jeep will still be there. The sweet man at the dealership said he would get the people in charge of maintenance to work veeerrrrryyyyy slowly just to give me a couple weeks to get it all done. I can appreciate that. So that is where I am at. One car between us, but that is fine. There is truly no reason to panic or throw a temper tantrum. i feel good handling it with my head held high. From here on out we shall see what happens!!!!

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