Friday, December 21, 2007

A New Day

I am still a bit bleary eyed, waking up, but I am doing well. All is quiet in the house. The kids and hubby are still snoozing away in their beds. I enjoy the quiet of the mornings where all is heard is the clicks and clacks of our gas heater keeping us toasty through the night. So, for the past few days I have shared the stress and craziness of my life and to be honest I am feeling good here. I feel good that I have gotten the Jeep back to the dealership while I sort everything out. I feel confident that everything happens for a reason and though we don't always know what that reason is I can appreciate that there is that reason for it all. I don't know and perhaps will never know,but I can live with that for now. I know how it will happen in the end. After giving Heavenly father a big hug upon my return from my adventure here on this earth I will ask him. "Hey! What was the deal with the Jeep?" So, we will continue on and not worry about the little things that cannot be figured out here on the earth. I have learned to shrug those things off afterwards. Sometimes , it is just not worth clinging to questions that can't be answered right here, right now.


Our Family said...

I truly look forward to reading your blog everyday. You have such a clear perspective and deep understanding of the way things work; even if all there is too understand is that it's just the way it is. You are truly an inspiration and I believe blessings will forever come your way for your faithfulness and willingness to stand the trials of this life with your head held high.
With love-

Poetry of Life said...

It will all work out!

Tammy said...

Thanks for your support girls! i am sad to see the Jeep gone. I truly loved the car, but it was just that...a car. I've got my kids, my house and our store...and the goofmobile!!!! no reason to frown any longer!!!