Sunday, May 31, 2009


I feel like i haven't written in ages...well at least not on my blog. Shame on me... I know!!! I've kept very bust lately. WIth the upcoming move it has really been tough to find time to mess around on the computer...I will find it eventually though. I never remembered moving as such a big deal but now that I look back, our first apartment...we didn't own anything. Our second apartment, I was pregnant and had a new baby so I wasn't involved in much. Our third apartment, I had the flu and therefore never really moved us. Our fourth move...hubby helped me with everything. Our fifth move was across town and we never unpacked from the previous move.Now we are here on the edge of our 6th move...our biggest yet. I am on my own for the most part in completing all the packing. I have a great group of men helping me load the trailer and then once I locked up and it is taken away all I've got left to do is drive some more.

I am planning on putting together a bunch of songs for the drive. I've got some Police and Sting for my chillin' time, Duran Duran for a blast back in time, Coldplay's "Viva La Vida" & U2's Vertigo is a head rush waiting to happen...and of course since I'm in sunny California you can't leave the state without blasting the Beach Boys greatest hits or the Beatles for that matter!!!! So, give me an idea! What songs do you like to listen when you go on a road trip?! Help me out!!! I've got 25 hours of drive time to fill up!!!


Cherie said...

I love to listen to musicals - but then you would have to love musicals (and I don't know if you do) - But Wicked, Les Mis, and Phantom of the Opera are 3 that are GREAT!

I also like to listen to books on CD - You can even check them out at the library.

Momza said...

Shania Twain is fun with the kids.
Veggie Tales.
Carrie Underwood.
Hillary Weeks...for when the kids are sleeping in the back and I need something extra.
Josh Groban sometimes
Michael Buble ALOT
and that's just for starters!

Jen said...

The GO-GO's!
♥ Jen