Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Today is a Fabulous Day...

With a chest cold I've had a tough time getting to sleep. Truth be told I've had a tough time sleeping since hubby has left. I've been anxious about our future not knowing where it is going and worrying about this that and everything. Right now my hubby's biggest fear is me and the swine flu. Having weak lungs he is very nervous about me protracting it from somewhere...and no...while visiting my parents I did not kiss either of their pigs...aptly named "Sweet and Sour."

With hubby beginning his new job on Monday the sun is shining a little brighter...well it was until I learned a few details about tonight.

Tonight is mutual my friends and as it is combined this week we are having a karaoke contest. I donated the first place trophy and everything. Anyone who has been on a Carnival Cruise might recognize these bad boys!!!
I came home with for being the team leader in Match Game and my personal favorite was knowing WAYYYYY too much about cartoon trivia....including Snow White's sister's name. I know...freaky! So I am donating one to the winner tonight. They can take it home and I don't have to pack it...I know...... GENIUS!!!!! RIGHT?!?!?

Here was the part I heard from my dear son. There is a panel of four judges set up. I know them all fairly well. Apparently it will be an American Idol type deal except instead of one mean judge aka Simon...there will be two aka ME!!! They thought I could most definitely pull of the mean judge. OUCH!!! But it has been fun coming up with a few insults for the kids I know will understand it is all in fun.

So, if you have any fun insults send them my way...I can use all the help I can get!!!

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Leslie said...

You should make up funny church insults and compliments like:

"A Sunbeam could remember all the words that you didn't" (when they mess up the workds)
"Who knew the nursery was also offering singing lessons" (When they go off key)
"That was dreadful like a carrot raisin green jello salad" (When it sounds bad)
"That was better than the Mormon Tabernacle Choir" (If it sounds good)