Sunday, May 17, 2009

Long Day...

Yesterday was and end to end long day. I felt like the worst parent in the world this morning as I woke up and realized I had fallen asleep BEFORE my daughter made it home from the dance. I was so upset I woke up at 5am this morning as I had to check and make sure she made it home. I know: "Bad Mom!" I hate being like that.

Yesterday morning, I woke up bright and early as Saturday had rolled around and it was time for yet another garage sale. I'm beginning to hate garage sales except it does happen to get rid of some of the excess laying around here. I will keep pushing along however until we are ready to go.

The garage sale went well. I managed to send a few of a large collection of porcelain dolls to new homes where they would be appreciated. Pots and pans left on a good note as did a few other items. Next week we will see if we can send even more items away to new homes. The one problem with yesterday? It hit 96 degrees. GASP!!!! By the time we finished and pulled everything inside I was gasping for air. Unfortunately, no air conditioning means I must cool myself down in other ways ie cold shower, wet washcloth on my neck...coincidentally the only place I sunburned. needless to say that time in the sun made me exhausted and I went to relax until i saw a friend was in need of moving in one hour. I showed up to offer my truck, but by the end of the first trip my stomach was in knots and I knew I had to go home.

Most who know me know I don't deal well with heat. A few days or even a week do take their toll, but I survive amongst the screams of protest. When I was younger and we drove down to Sacramento for school in lake Tahoe there were nothing but t-shirt stores lining the streets for tourists...and I would get sick from the heat every single time. I'm still that way. So yesterday, too much activity sent me packing.

Yes, I feel guilty not waiting up for my daughter. I planned to. I was even watching a movie...never made it to the end though. I missed our quick rundown of what happened at the dance, who she danced with etc. Hopefully we can share that when she wakes up!!!


Ninny said...

Have you considered a move to Alaska? It never really gets hot here! LOL Our think our high in the 7 yrs I've lived here was 86.
Don't beat yourself up over not staying up. I am sure your daughter understands.
Glad to hear things are 'moving' along!

Cherie said...

Don't beat yourself up! It is definately not worth it - your daughter loves you no matter what :D

Cynthia said...

Sorry you got heatstroke (or whatever it is). As for the dance, don't beat yourself up. I'm sure you still got to talk about it this morning and she may or may not have wanted to chat last night. I'm just glad you got some much needed sleep.

Momza said...

There will be other dances. Your plate is full enough, don't serve yourself a heaping pile of guilt. So not worth it!

Hope ur garage sale rocks!