Thursday, May 7, 2009

Here I am...

This is me, the woman who truly believes insanity is a step away. I have been on the go, non-stop...without going anywhere. I honestly believed much of my stress would drop off with Hubby being busy looking for a job. I find myself now wanting to chuck my phone as hard as I can at the brick wall outside. I am dead tired. I am having such a hard time balancing all that needs to get accomplished here alongside giving hubby the support he needs in what seems to be 24/7. I notice when he is frustrated he throws it all back...and I take it. Why? Because I love him...for time and all eternity...I love him. He will in turn handle all of my frustration while we are down there and I am looking for a job. I know he will support me, that's what marriage is all about.

The good news for the day...we have interest in the property and if that doesn't work out we have interest in selling the incredible aged barn wood that lines the inside of our store. One way or another I will make the money to make my way down south. The calmness dwelling in my heart is incredible. In the past few days I have learned my family's name has been put in temples in Fresno, Oakland, Sacramento, London and Los Angeles. It brought tears to my eyes to know of the fasting, prayers and sincere love and support across the globe from our friends.

Gratefulness is what rules my heart and mind. I am grateful for the friends who call, the e-mails sent and the laughter I've been given. The other night I sincerely laughed my fanny off...of course I found it later on...bummer I know. Laughter was something which has eluded me for some time. So I ask everyone to find a reason to laugh today for me. Spread the joy!!!


Shauna said...


Cynthia said...

I really hope the worst of the stress will soon be over for you- it's been a much longer ride than you'd like I know. I hope the Hubs is soon employed and you have one less thing weighing you down.

Ninny said...

Hooray for calmness and prayers.
I will add you to the Anchorage temple tomorrow night. I pray that he finds a job soon and the store sells- all according to the will of Him who knows best!

Momza said...

Temples by the Numbers:
Boise 208-322-4422
Id Falls 208-522-7669
Reno, NV 775-747-6688
Denver, CO 303-730-0220
Billings, MT 406-655-0607
Spokane, WA 509-926-2824

FYI, I put my own family's name on all of those every two weeks while my husband was unemployed. We needed the prayers. And it helped more than I can say. Dial away, Sister.

H.K. said...

It's amazing what laughter can do! Thanks for an uplifting post, I needed it.

Jen said...

Oh, wow! Throughout this the support is wonderful. We pray for you daily!
♥ Jen