Friday, May 22, 2009

What would you say as a ghost?

I have a certain affinity for Ghost Hunter's and love the study of the paranormal. It has always been interesting to me since I was a child. Nothing spooky, nothing crazy, just an interest as to why some spirits are here on the earth. I've got several theories behind it all and none of them scare me. However, my kids and I all love to watch and find the scientific aspect of it really incredibly interesting.

Now, on one episode in a sanitorium in Clovis they caught a voice on a digital recorder saying: "I like the one in the hat." To me that was hysterical.

Another investigation was a pool hall named Theodore's. They captured a voice saying:

"Welcome to Theodore's"

In our silliness right now we, as a family, have a question for you:

"If you were a ghost and could say one thing to a human ghost hunter what would it be?"

I am thinking I would say one of two things:
1. Would you like fries with that?
2. Give me Ghiradelli!!!


Shauna said...

:) Hope you have a super weekend!
♥ HUGS ♥

H.K. said...

Ghost Hunters is one of my son's favorite shows, I'm too much of a scaredy cat to watch, but I were a ghost I would say....

"Boo! I seeee you!"

Tammy said...

My kids said they would say: "I like chocolate chip cookies!!!"

Mikki said...

my hubby loves Ghost Hunters. I enjoy watching it too, only I can't watch it by myself right before bedtime, cause then I get all creeped out.
Hmmm, I think I'd want to say something funny, maybe something like: "Help! I've fallen and I can't get up!" I don't know, I'm a total dork.

Ninny said...


You know the spirit world is here on the earth- right?

Tammy said...

That is actually one of the coolest things. While living in Oregon hubby and I lived in extremely humble circumstances. We had it tough and during a short time while he was travleing 3 weeks out of the month I felt incredibly alone at home. At one point the veil seemed to be parted and I began to see several family members on the other side walking through our apartment. They smiled over their posterity sleeping in their cribs, learning to walk and gave comforting looks when I thought I could go on no longer. At one point I had a talk with them and let them know in no uncertain terms the bathroom was off limits at all times with the exception of the baby's bath time. I know slightly insane, but it was a blessed time for me. Perhaps that is why I love these shows. It reminds me of the goodness and how close we are to our ancestors and we never know it.

Cynthia said...

I've never imagined what I might say. Probably something stupid and totally NOT witty.