Friday, May 15, 2009

Bring on the Heat!!!

I am VERY excited about the heat wave coming. It's going to be fabulous! I figure the kids and I can just float around in the pool...oh wait! I forgot! The pool has still not been fixed and there is the little issue of about 100 small fish in there. The original fish are still there, but there are now babies...lots of them.

So, yes, the heat will be delightful! I am pulling out the ol' space heater to really heat up this place!!! It's gonna be hot hot hot!!! So, let's heat it up a little bit. What is your best idea to heat up my can be anything! It can be a giant cup of hot cocoa to the spiciest salsa. Perhaps putting a little Bryan Adam singing "When you love a woman," or even a little bit of something to get your toe tappin' as you cook your family dinner. What is your opinion of how to really heat this place up?

And remember...with every comment I receive tomorrow morning from 7am-noon, pacific standard time, my little pink blackberry will vibrate and I will be outside standing in the 96 degree weather baking. I look forward to your comments!!!


Jen said...

Ooooh, heating blankets! Go to the SUPERGIANTENORMOUS STORE and get a house size heating blanket and drape it over your house. That should keep it snug!
Have fun today and earn lots of dough! If you get too hot, call me. You guys can come swim at the RB pool!
♥ Jen

Poetry of Life said...

A mountain size vat of Hot Fudge! You could pour it over the house and as you are sitting by your pool with the little fishes, reach over and take a handful to snack on.

H.K. said...

How about a nice hot stew? Or a piping hot chicken noodle soup?