Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Target Just Gets Better and Better.

Anyone who really knows me knows that I adore Target. I especially love the housewares section. Truly you can get some great things at a fabulous price. However, I have one more thing to truly love about Target...they hired my hubby. Down in good ol' San Antonio at the Target Supercenter...yes ladies and gentleman... I said hubby will start his orientation next Monday. I am so proud of him for working hard and finding a job. It may not seem like the perfect job for some, but it is the perfect job for him and I am thrilled for him. Not to mention the perks of working there. HELLO!!! I love discounts on already discounted stuff. Can we say FABULOUS?!?!?! I love the way Target truly takes care fo their employees and families. I was reading all the info about the perks of working there and I am so thrilled and excited. Everything from vacation, 401k, education reimbursment for himself as well as educations loans for family members. So today, through the thick black murky clouds that have swirled over my head for some time there is a ray shooting through and showing me there truly is hope in all things.


~The Robin's Nest~ said...

Congratulations Tammy and husband!
ANNNNNDDD congratulations on the discount~Whooooo Hoooo!
I'm with you Target is one of my most fav stores to hang out in! LOOOVE It!

I wanted to tell you a story my husbnd told me the other day. He said he had heard on the radio about a guy that had a major corp. job-A big wig. Had lots of money, cars, land, houses everything he could want and more.
Then about a year or so ago he got laid off. He sulked for a week or so then realized he wasn't bringing ANYTHING in to pay his bills...He could not find a job in corp America so he went to work for Starbucks.(not corp Starbucks but serving people Starbucks) Sold everything he had moved into a one room studio apartment and is happier then he has EVER been in his life. He doesn't ever want to go back the way he was living. He says he loves serving others.
Sometimes downsizing is a blessing in disguse!

God Bless you and your family Tammy,

Leslie said...

It sounds wonderful!! I'm so happy for you both...and a little jealous of the discounts!

H.K. said...

Yes!!!! There is definitely hope in all things, though sometimes it is hard to find it when as you say all you see is the dark murky clouds.

I should know since my husband was laid off for a very loooong time. We don't take little things for granted anymore.

Momza said...

WOOOHOO! Congratulations to you and the whole family!
May only good things come your way!

Poetry of Life said...

Yay!!! I'm so happy for you! Things are looking up!

Jen said...

Ummm, you forgot the best part!!! He looks so hot in red! J/K!
♥ Jen

Terresa said...

I'm totally jealous. Discounts on already discounted stuff? Nothing beats that! Enjoy the perks!!