Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tears are falling...

Tears are flowing freely down my cheeks as I listen to the news anchor reporting the California State Supreme Court ruling on Proposition 8. They've upheld the vote. Marriage is legally deemed bewteen a man and a woman here in California.However, they've also deemed the 18,000 plus same sex marriages are valid and legal. I'm not surprised about that twist. It was legal at the time. I can't believe how emotional I am over this. I am so thankful that all that we've done as a family and a decision we have made through much thought and yes, most especially through prayer.

At this time though there are acts of civil disobedience all are peaceful demonstrations and both sides, I pray, are treating each other with mutual respect. I hope all remains peaceful and all return home safe, no matter what your beleifs are.

Don't get me wrong friends, I am grateful that my vote meant something this day, but I know it is not over. Trends show a drastic change in our country beginning. At some point you will need to stand for what you beleive in, regardless of what viewpoint you have.


Mikki said...

So true Tammy, so true. The persecution is beginning again. I hope things will remain peaceful for as long as possible, and that regardless of how we're treated, we can return love and respect to our adversaries.
So glad to hear the Supreme court upheld this one.

Jen said...

It is a happy day!
♥ Jen

H.K. said...

At first I was so upset that Prop 8 was under question and my husband told me that the sacrifice of so many to get Prop 8 passed would not go unnoticed by the Lord. I had to have faith that it will uphold & it did! It is a great day!

Cherie said...

It was happy news for sure!

I did see the Govenator on Jay Leno tonight and he said it will be on the ballot again in the future. He seems to think it is just a matter of time.

I wonder how long ($$$wise) this fight can be fought.

Tonight, though, we cheer for right!!