Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Paperback Writer...Introducing Scooter

Lately to de-stress myself I've found writing helps my nerves hold together. I am excited that my latest story is starting to take form and I've made it to my favorite second chapter. Yes, there will be a bazillion changes I need to make. it is actually pretty funny to see me write. I let it play out in my head like a movie. The first thing I do is learn to soo who they are...what they look like...where they come from and what makes them tick. Yes, I even know what type of toothpaste even the most minor character uses. Why? Because in my mind this is what forms their personality, their likes, their dislikes, who they are. I'll give you an example.

In the current novel I am working on, there is a character named Scooter. He is approximately 5'8" tall a little heavy set and in his late twenties. He has chin length light brown frizzy hair. He also has a beard and reminds me of Shaggy from Scooby Doo. He drives an old Ford Pinto wagon in olive green...just like the one my parents drove. However, he has a brilliant mind with regards to electronic equipment and cameras. He is an inventor of sorts. He was raised by his grandmother as his parents dies right after his younger sister was born and contrary to his looks believes strongly in etiquette and respecting women. He opens doors for women and feels comfortable cooking. His younger sister looks up to him as a father figure. It is a role he is comfortable in playing. He is patient and hardworking in all he does including his day job as the head tech on the Geek Squad. His favorite drink is raspberry lemonade and he loves to go see old B monster movies. Everyone loves Scooter. He has a great sense of humor and finds the good in all things. He is patient with others around him and rarely gets upset.

A slight confession...I adore Scooter. He is one of my favortie all time characters and yes, ladies, this includes a comparison to Edward Cullen. Sorry, I know, but he is a realistic Edward. Scooter is the type of gentleman I would want my daughters to marry, what he may look like.

I am grateful for the moments I have to develop my talents whatever they may be...I hope cooking is the next one!!!

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Jen said...

This sounds very cool! I like the teaser...I hope we can learn about the little sister down the road!
♥ Jen