Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Yesterday was our last full day together as a family for some time. We started out very slow as my youngest has developed a perfectly lovely cough and just wanted to snuggle between her parents. We watched "The Man From Snowy River." A classic if you've never seen it. Believe it or not, after growing up in the mountains of Lake Tahoe I realize there is a big difference between a mountain dweller and a flatlander. I was discussing it with a customer who grew up in Alaska. She instantly recognized me as a Mountain Girl as I did her. Hubby sat confused as to what we were even talking about...he's a flatlander.

Anyway, after getting a slow start we showered and got ready for the day. We decided to spend some time with the kids up at the temple. They love to go there and my youngest most especially. We walked around the temple grounds and climbed the stairs leading to the rooftop gardens. We looked out at the golden bay shining in the distance. Below us people rushed from place to place in Oakland while the buildings almost glimmered in San Francisco. Then the cold icy wind hit us. Has anyone told Mother Nature we are finished with winter yet? It was fairly cold. We stopped by the large doors hidden away from prying eyes. Molly leaned in and peeked between the doors to look inside the temple. With the small crack she can see a sitting area outside the dressing rooms and chapel where when we finish our work we sit and wait for our spouses to emerge. My kids have always loved the temple. She is the final one waiting to begin her service inside performing baptisms for the dead.

We walked around the visitor's center and then Molly hit the wall. We didn't know it then, but a fever was starting. We came home and she jumped in her pajamas and snuggled up in a blanket. She nearly fell asleep on the couch. It was at that particular moment I felt how warm she was and instantly regretted dragging her to the temple. I assumed it was simply a cold from camping, but it turned out to be more. Poor little bug. She desperately wants to go to school today, but I think she'd be better off relaxing at home until she is 100% better.

Tomorrow, I take Don to the airport and he will fly away to hit Texas big time with interviews and eventually find a job down there. So, on the agenda for me today...plastering hubby's resume all over the internet, working in the store, taking care of Molly, mutual tonight, find some time to buy milk, family scripture study time, father's blessings for the kids and of course deal with everyone's sadness for the departure while postponing my own until everyone is asleep on Thursday. Yay me!!!


Terresa said...

Deep sigh. You're not alone, girl, even though it may feel like it at times. With a beautiful blog like you have, feel the love of all your readers and then some! ;)

PS: found you on MM blog. Your blog is delish! (those pink flowers look good enough to eat)

H.K. said...

I will be praying, crossing my fingers, sending you lots of love and hugs across cyberspace that your husband does well in the interviews.

Just know I've been through what your going thru and you're not alone in this!