Wednesday, April 22, 2009

How do you say....?

So, with hubby away searching for a job I find myself manning the store, the kids, the home....whatever.

Anyway, sitting here in the store clearancing out the final products on the shelves people wander in throughout the day. A sweet customer of ours came in and was looking to see what he could use. Unfortunately this particular gentleman struggles with english and speaks about 95% spanish with only about 5% english. He brought sheath cleaner up to the counter and asked me what it was. My face turned bright red because I couldn't explain it and I truly did not want to draw a picture.

I knew this man didn't have any pigs so i told him it was for the pigs...don't worry, I've already repented. I think Heavenly Father understands.

For those who've never been around put it delicately it is to clean a stallion in private areas.

Yeah!!! What would you have done?


Jan the crazy lady said...

Killer. Thanks for the education and I will remember the next time I want to buy that :) Awkward for sure.

sorry, but I did laugh.

Momza said...

I had horse growing up--why is it I've never heard of that before??
Talk about awkward. Yikes! lol "for pigs"

Cherie said...

This really did make me laugh - Hard to pantomime something like that! I think you did the right thing.

I am still laughing...sorry!

Freyja Colborn said...

Thanks for the laugh Tammy!