Monday, April 20, 2009

Loss of a Crown...Priceless.

I am not a beauty queen nor am I a fan of beauty pageants. However, today I stand a cheer for a beautiful woman from my state...who lost. Miss California made headlines...not for winning, but for losing with grace and dignity. As part of the pageant she was asked about her beliefs on gay marriage. To the surprise of everyone including the of which I am fairly certain happens to be gay...announced her beliefs to millions of people across the United States just to stand there and get boo'ed. It's never easy to stand for what you believe, but even harder when opposition is focused directly on you.

I believe the saddest part is that at least one judge has come out and said her beliefs were the reason she didn't win. That is a sad statement to me. Instead of the admiring her standing for what she believed, in the hardest circumstances with a smile on her face. It's a shame they can't vote for her poise under pressure rather than the fact her answer did not coincide with their beliefs...then and only then is world peace possible>

Way to go Miss California!!!!


Ninny said...

I cheer her too! I think she is amazing and I am saddened by the reaction that her personal views caused. This world gets to be a scarier place to live in every day.

Cherie said...

I was wondering if anyone would address this issue today. It says alot about the world we live in doesn't it? Oh my!
She was a courageous young woman to stand for her beliefs and I hope that stays with her all of her life - yayy for Miss Cali!!

Silcox Stories said...

Wasn't that awesome, I was so proud of her; I was near tears!

Momza said...

I couldn't have been prouder if she had been my own daughter. SHE made the pageant worth remembering.