Wednesday, April 15, 2009

All Is Well...

Honestly, we are doing well over here. Don is finally packed and ready for tomorrow to come. Of course there is a hint of sadness in the air, but not as bad as you'd think. Tonight my hubby will lovingly give each child a blessing before sending them off to bed. Tomorrow morning he will wake up with them and mess with them while they all try to get ready for school. We will take a slow drive out to the airport tomorrow and I will drop him off before coming home to my lovely empty house...

Now before you try to cheer me up I have a confession....I'm fine. I hate to see my kids struggle with their Daddy being gone, but at the same time...I'm all right. I will take the chance to do a few things that are simply not done in our household.

First and foremost we will have a Twilight fest on "hubby's" big screen. Mwahaha!!

Next I will watch Ghost Hunters in HD...Oh yeah baby!!! Don is not a fan. I simply think the whole process is interesting...besides, I love to see Steve and Tango argue like the odd couple. Too funny!!!

I will write to my hearts content. After the kids are in bed I can pop in my Ipod and sit down at the computer and let my thoughts rip into action.

We will have Brinner at least several times a week...Brinner= Breakfast for dinner.

I will have fun with the kids including playing Mario Party 8...and kicking their teenage booties!!!

In the end, we will make the best of a bad situation.
Thank you all for your loving messages and support. I can't make it without you!!!
Love to you all!


Momza said...

I'm glad that your heart is content. Certainly your prayers have been answered.
I secretly love it when my dh is away on business trips too. I get more done, honestly. Then, I am always thrilled when he comes back home.
Lastly, can I borrow your "Brinner" word and make it my own? Cuz that's a really good word.

Cynthia said...

I'm pretty sure that THIS is exactly what they mean when they say 'make lemons out of lemonade'. Go and enjoy it!

Silcox Stories said...

Hey there! We just got back into town, but I hope you know that I am for sure on that list of people that are here for you to support you in any way possible. You are amazing!

Nicole said...

Well if you check this before you leave, give Uncle Don a hug for me and tell him I said GOOD LUCK!!!!! love you guys!

Jen said...

I am just a phone call away!!!! I can come help at the store, get together for brinner, get some fro yo, just listen...whatever you need!
I bet your heart is content because this is moving forward and you have been yearning to feel that way. It will be hard, but know that we are all here for you!
♥ Jen