Friday, April 17, 2009

8 highways,2 canceled flights, 2 airports and 1 child with a fever.

So, tell was our day? Just checking before I launch into the craziness that is my life. Yesterday was heartbreaking as I dragged 2 out of the 3 of my beautiful children to school. My oldest put on a brave face, but tears gave away her sadness as she kept her back to me and walked along. I handed her a napkin and whispered..."I understand." She squeezed my hand and we left it at that. No embarrassment needed. She's fine now. My youngest decided to get a raging fever and so she stayed home for her second day in a row and was forced out of bed to sit in a truck on an adventure of a lifetime in trying to get one man to San Antonio, Texas.

I was struck with the idea of leaving for the airport at 10:30am even though his flight didn't depart until 1:17pm. You can never be too early...Yes, that is the travel agent in my sneaking out. Needless to say as we were nearly to San I am cheap and will book the cheapest flight. there was a $300 difference between that flight and the one from good ol' S.F. San Jose it is!!! we received a call from dear ol' United Airlines. They had canceled the second leg of his trip from Denver.

Any peeps from Denver out there?!?! If there are then I love ya!!! Just not your football team. Sorry. I was born in San Diego and my Grandpa used to take me to the Chargers games...but I digress. it turns out that a huge spring snowstorm was due in and would stop the travel out of the airport. Who in Denver ordered the snow?!? And in April?!?!

Now that the entire population of Denver has left my blog...

The sweet folks of United got him into one of the last two seats on a flight from S.F. we traveled up the peninsula to S.F. where we sent him off again. This time his flight was on time. He made it to L.A. and then onto San Antonio....Thanks United!!!

I made it home with the sickie and managed to get groceries before the other two needed to be picked up from school, picked up a donation of chocolate from a friend (much needed!!) and I hunkered down for the night ignoring the world around me and snuggling with my kids.

The truth is...after the hectic day I feel calm as a summer's morn. All will be well in the end and I am thankful for that. It is a wonderful thing for Hubby to have made it to San Antonio and be looking for jobs. He is taking it very serious and is making sure he works hard and doesn't waste any time. I am proud of him for sticking his head out on the chopping block. He is a good man Charlie Brown and I love him dearly!!! It won't be long and we will all be adjusting to our new lives in San Antonio. What a great thing it is and I am grateful for the support of my Heavenly Father and most especially from family and friends.

Thank you for being my personal cheering section as well as my friends and supports. I feel your prayers and warm thoughts floating in from various points in the US and around the world. I learned from a friend that sometimes life kicks you in the teeth... and afterwards your life turns into something you never expected and you become stronger.

Thanks to you all!!!


Momza said...

Hey! I'm not in Denver--but in Colorado Springs...and we are lovin this Spring Snow Storm over here! So you are Welcome!!
Hope he got there safe and sound!

Ninny said...

Hooray for the calm!