Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A camping we will go!!!!

Nothing says Easter like camping!!! Or does it? It started out as a couple of friends thinking this could be fun...not knowing it was Easter weekend. After clicking in on the upcoming holiday's arrival we shrugged our shoulders and decided to still completely go for it. Another family signed on to join us and the menu was laid out, assignments for who was bringing what were settled...and then it happened. We had to explain to both sides of the family why we weren't appearing at either house. To be honest when you say the phrase: "Sorry Mom, I won't be at Easter...I'm going camping." It truly does sound kind of lame no matter how you slice it. Whatever.

So we are departing into the great wilderness...Uh huh...less than a 30 minute drive from home to camp spot. What makes me laugh is that the camp sight is booked!!! There were only 4 camp spots left out of the 150 spots!!! Are you kidding me?!?!? My friend who was booking the spots asked the woman assisting her: "Really?! That many people are camping?!" Apparently the woman had no clue why we were shocked. "It is a holiday weekend." She replied dryly.


Oh wait...I do! Hoppy Easter Everyone!!!!

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Rochelle said...

Your writing is very funny, I got a kick out of your story. Have a great Easter, sounds like your going to have a blast this year!