Thursday, April 9, 2009

From bad to worse...

Seriously, I am thinking of writing a script. It could rival some of the greatest movies of all time. Roberto Begnini would be quite proud of my storytelling ability. At first it was simple. The property needed to be sold as we saw the sales going down consistently. It wasn't truly a big deal. We just figured we'd deal with it and move on. We made it through winter dismally and still watched as the income was dwindling. All around us our clients were being laid off one after another which means they have no disposable income. Roughly translated this means we aren't making much for money. So as we plummet down lower and lower we still go to church, we still serve in our callings, we still become closer to our Heavenly Father. As it is now there is a very real chance we could lose everything we tried so hard to build up. Our kids look to us with curious eyes hoping for the reassurance the deserve...we do our best. A leak is discovered in the wall of our hallway bathroom, we fix it. Our pool pump breaks down. We must actually replace the pump...guess what?! They can't find the bracket for the pump...we sit and wait...very patiently. Months now pass and we sit and wait as our water turns an incredibly gross color of green. We now own our own swamp. if anyone knows of a Swamp Thing" needing a place to rent please send him this way...we could use the money. As the weather here in California warmed flies and mosquitos begin to swarm the swamp. We worry about West Nile and call the local authorities requesting mosquito eating fish for our pool to eat the larvae until it can be's a great free service they have here in the county. Will it work?! Sure it does...if we can keep the stupid birds from eating our mosquito fish!!!! No, I'm not kidding. We have decided to fly Don down to San Antonio to stay with his brother so he can find a job. It'll be a little hard being away from each other for awhile, but we will survive this and all will be well in the end.

The funny thing is...I don't even feel like crying...I feel the pure calm that can only come from one source...our Heavenly Father. All is well. All is well.

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Cynthia said...

I can't believe that it got worse. I guess you are experiencing what I call the 'Dog Pile Trial' where things keep coming so fast you think it must be a joke. Long after you've hit your limit the trials still pile on.

I hope this period of time ends for you soon. I hope you will then move into a period of peace that has nothing to do with sensory overload. Hang in there!