Sunday, April 5, 2009

Never Alone!!!

last night I couldn't sleep. My insomnia took over and I sat here in my comfy chair until nearly 2am. I then jumped into bed bound and determined to get "some" sleep before conference began. I did. of course I slept a bit too well and forgot my cell phone, which doubles as my alarm clock, was in the living room. The alarm didn't go off. Instead I slept until I heard the kids...entirely across the house screaming and playing. That didn't deter me. my body was quite content to shut out my children and sleep on. The Lord was not satisfied and reached out to my neighbor and receive his aid to help wake us up to watch a particular talk seemed destined for just us.

At 9:44am...I know...bad LDS mom!!!...we awoke to the sounds of our children screaming in laughter and our neighbors very loud mariachi music. Our neighbor is a very nice hispanic man who doesn't speak english...we don't talk much. needless to say we received that message and pushed the button to sit up in bed...I love my bed...and turned on general conference. I am not kidding you that once the tv clicked on the music stopped and the laughter died down. What was being said was meant for our ears and I loved it. Looking around my house I realized...the coushes we have...are simply couches. The tables we own are simply tables. The mirrors we own...are simply mirrors. Everything we own are simply objects...they mean nothing. Though there are some with emotional attachment I will not part with...A solid oak cradle my father created for each one of his children when his grandchildren were on the way. However all in all...they are simply useless objects used to beautify a home.

The message was clear. I was to downsize and remove many of the items that clutter my home and find new homes for them gaining a little extra oney in the process. My head rushed in with different items I could sell in a garage sale. I actually have a bathroom sink/cabinet still in the original boxing as I haven't taken the chance to install it. Why do I have these items?! I feel a garage sale and craigs list coming on!!! I can purge myself of the items I don't want or need. What a fun time it will be to clean my house around me. I am excited and thrilled!!! It will most definitely be a good thing!!!

I can hardly wait for the move to come. I can hardly wait to jump feet first into the unknown. I am grateful for my Heavenly Father's guidance and helping me overcome the darkness that filled my eyes for the past couple days. There is now sun shining brightly from them....and I know that deliverance is nigh.


Jan the crazy lady said...

I thought of you during some talks this weekend. You are never alone. And you will beable to move forward with new strength and insights.

The future is as bright as our faith. I love that quote.

Josie said...

My baby always wakes me up lol. I always have a really hard time falling asleep

Ninny said...

Downsizing sounds wonderful! I think it is a wonderful answer. Hang in there!

Jen said...

Lots of exciting changes await you!