Wednesday, April 8, 2009

On the brighter side...Where would you live if you could?

Dear friends, I am trying to be more positive and not lose my marbles so I have a question today. A fellow blogger asked for our three favorite cities. So my question to you is this: Where would you live if you could live anywhere in the entire world? All expenses paid and you wouldn't have to work...wehre would you go?

As for me...I would be in Italy a heartbeat. Oh I know you all have your romantic imaginations of Paris, but Italy is a palce I fell in love with. Rome is an incredible city with a vibe all its own. In Rome there are so many incredible cultural places you could go, gelato shops, shoes...incredbile shoes, gloves, the Colosseum, the Vatican to see the Sistine person.

However, my ultimate city may surprise you...or maybe not. I'd like to give you a tour of my city:

La Serenissima is my choice...also known as the republic of Venice.

Pulling into the city on a train was truly an icnredible way to enter into my Venice. I've got to say I loved being able to travel by train. It is such a cool experience. I wish we had more trains here for travel!!!

We boarded our gondola for delivery to our hotel. What an incredible way to see the city. Our goldolier, Antonio, was truly a delight as he maeuvered us through small alleyways I never thought he could fit the gondola through. Truly amazing!!!

We made it to our hotel and loved the setting and looking out to the courtyard below. In fact the picture of the door on my identity mark here on the blog is that door across the courtyard. So beautiful and simple.

We wandered...oh how we wandered. We created carnavale masks with the help of local artisans. I will always treasure Seabstiano's help in making me beautiful in mine. I don't have a picture of it, but someday!!!

We wandered the back alleyways never worrying about being mugged, attacked or anything of that nature. We simply walked. I felt safer there than any other city in the world. What an incredible time.

Someday we will return and I will have plenty of money to burn over in Murano blowers extraordinaire where I will order my hand blown glass chandelier in the most intricate pattern...and they will deliver it to me. I will order small kitchen lights and sconces for my wall there. Incredibly fascinating...and hot in the blowing room. Amazing artists!!!

Next time I will venture to Burano Isle where handmade lace is created on a daily basis. I will more than likely find a tonf of beautiful things to purchase there as well.

On our final evening we were abducted by pirates and taken for a dinner cruise on the Venetian Lagoon. None of us minded being abducted by our pirate friends while curious tourists looked on!!!

So enjoy the pictures my dear friends and tell me...where would you live?


Ninny said...

I wanna be kidnapped by Venetian pirates!
Since I have only ever been to AZ, UT, ID, AK, and Oahu and since none of those places qualify as places I would really, really like to live I think I am just gonna shoot for the celestial kingdom! LOL

Jen said...

I love that picture of the windows!

Hmmm, I would live in a seaside village, in a cottage with a garden, where I could walk into town and buy fresh bread and fresh veggies daily. Could be anywhere...

H.K. said...

I actually love where I live, but I have always wanted to visit Italy. It was great to read your description, I felt like I was there!

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