Sunday, April 19, 2009

An Odd Day...

It was a strange mixup of emotions this morning. The kids and I got ready for church and made it on time and all was well with the world...or so I thought. I prepared my tithing to pay and felt good about it all. I knew Don would be finding a job very soon. I felt so calm with fasting and such and such a sense of peace fell within my heart. It was at that moment I began to channel the "tearful testimony" giver and I began to cry...for absolutely no reason. I still haven't discovered what happened or why. I was sooo emotional!!! Perhaps it was because the stress was finally sliding off my back and all was well with the world. Or perhaps it was just missing hubby. In the end I think it was a mix of both. I feel calm and grateful or those around me. I am grateful for all those who came to put their arms around me and check up on our family. A smile. A laugh. A fabulous joke.

now, I am at home...relaxing with the kids...gearing up for a nice long week of running from place to place. Hubby has a busy week. He has lots of leads for this week and a job fair to get started with. I know with how everything is falling into place we are on the right pathway. I mean really, how amazing is it for him to have gotten one of the last seats on a flight? How amazing that I sold all of the tack and such in one shot. We shall see what happens next. Things are just beginning to fall into place...I would be so much happier if I could jsut sell the property...there's always tomorrow!!!

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Shauna said...

You are AWESOME! Have a beautiful and sunny day! ♥ HUGS ♥