Monday, April 13, 2009

Do we HAVE to come home?!?!

Seriously, camping is about as far from reality as you can get for me. The secret is...I needed it!!! I am a few short days away from my ternal sweetie flying away for what looks to be over a month as he looks for a job and I am sad to see him go, but the kids and I will make it through this new little adventure. I am bound and determined to make it along the way and make each day a lasting moment for my kids. We are haivng a garage Sale on Saturday so that should be good. I plan to rid myself of a lot of non-essentials that I am not going to use. Why carry more than we need or want down to Texas right? That's what I thought.In my free time I may even scan some items into my computer and rid myself of the paper know like your kids' first hoemwork from kindergarten. I need to break down my office at work and bring it home. I'll set Don to work on that Wednesday. Perfect timing!!!

Anyway, Camping was blissfully happy. We had a good time with our friends and family hiking and really enjoying nature....however not enjoying the group of inconsiderate campers who decided to blast their pounding rap music across the way until late at night. Silently we prayed there would be no repeat the second night. of course it also helped that we talked loudly outside their campsite at 7am the following morning and talking about how disrespectful they were...Hmmm...I wonder.

Needless to say we had a great time. It was quite chilly, but well worth it. My favorite part was reading our scriptures around the campfire on Saturday night and Spending Easter evening sharing a thought about what Easter means to us. The kids were quite profound!!!

I hope you all had a beautiful Easter!!!


Freyja Colborn said...

I'm glad you guys had fun. And the talking outside the disturbing neighbors sounds like something I would do. Good for you.

Gena said...

Looks like you all had a great time! Sometimes you just need (have) to get away!