Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Waiting for peace...

I know with all my heart it will return, but in these stressful times At times I feel absolutely helpless. I seems non-stop...but nothing happens. My heart is seized right now with the stress of trying to sell the store. It hurts to feel like this. I know everyone has times like this and I also know this is a short lived feeling. The good Lord has promised us the store would sell and I have faith in that. Please don't feel sorry for me or offer sympathy...I will be fine. I, being the eternal optimist will change my mood as soon as I can find a cheerful song on my ipod. It is truly a scary time for all across the US. Belts are being tightened and to be honest I think it is a good thing for the greed to stop in this country and simplicity to rule the day. Where are our gardens? Where is family prayer? Where is family scripture study. I know we ignored all of those things before the economy took a dive. Has anyone else simplified their lives or are things business as usual? I am curious.
I'll let you know a secret...I am looking forward to finding a new job. I'm looking to learn something totally different. I don't mind craziness. I don't mind demanding. I don't mind a night shift. I can hardly wait to learn a new trade. I have such a variety of jobs in my past that it will be fun to find..."just another crazy job" to add to my list.
Here is my resume:
Assistant Head Cook in ski area- I was 12...and I was good!!!
Easter Bunny- at same ski area...yes, I skied the bunny slope!
Performer at Special Olympics opening ceremony--involving skiing in the dark with flares tied on either side of an 8 ft pole!!!
Burger King- We all worked somewhere like that didn't we?
Mom's U-Bake pizza--We make 'em U bake 'em! I make a mean pepperoni pizza and I remember all the codes for each topping. 5 +3+3- lite on 1= THE perfect pizza...enuff said.
Grand Auto- cashier- this was when I was offered a chance at the mike at the Improv in SF.
Grand Auto- Administrative Assistant to the regional manager
Pacific Bell- Directory Assistance Operator- yeah, I handed out phone numbers. 1,100 happy people a day and several drunks.
Hollywood Video- Courier for the head office and Distribution center- I always got to see what was coming out before it came out. Yay me!!!
Caldron's General Store- CFO- bookkeeper- bouncer- customer service- therapist and business owner extraordinaire.
So, where do I go from here?! What do you think?! Sea World, Barnes & Noble or the local hospital? So many to choose from!!!
See, I told you I would get into a better mood soon! Have a great evening all!!!!


Shauna said...

(((HUGS))) to you!!!

Momza said...

What impresses me most about this post is the tremendous amount of HOPE you have despite the circumstances you find yourself in!
I've always felt that HOPE is the Lord's way of telling us to hold on to whatever we have Hope in!
So you have HOPE in yourself and your abilities to keep moving and changing...Evolving. That's what THIS life is all about! You're gonna be fine, You'll see!

Jen said...

I worked at Burger King too!