Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I kneel and pray...everyday....

When I pray to my Heavenly Father I talk to him like I would my Dad here on this earth.Some may consider that a little irreverent, but at the same time I think my Dad is the greatest ever so it is really a compliment.I prayed a new prayer this morning. I'm not afraid to admit my weaknesses to the entire world and let you know the stress that has compiled over and over on me. Many of you know the pressures of attempting to sell your house. Compound that by an economy in which nobody is buying anything and your business going down the tubes. Right there you have just mixed a recipe for chest pains. So while praying this morning I didn't ask that my trial be removed from me. O no, I am way too smart for that...I asked for the stress to be lessened.

It didn't seem like an unreasonable request by any means except for the fact that on the phone tonight I spoke to one of our high councilmen who asked me to attend Girl's Camp this year...as Head Cook again. I made it through last year and a major anxiety attack. Girl's Camp is just around the corner in July. Can I pull it all together and be prepared to go by then? Will chest pains be a thing of normalcy? i don't have any answers for that. I simply do not understand. So, why am I telling you this then? I am telling you so that together we can watch it unfold. I told Don that it wouldn't be too stressful to complete this calling if we sold the property....just a thought, but i have no clue what is going to happen or how it will play out.

However, let this serve as a reminder to all of you attending or sending your daughters to camp...The Kitchen Nazi...a.k.a. She who must not be named is back!!!

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Jen said...

Bless you, my friend!
♥ Jen
PS are you coming to my DVD premiere party????