Thursday, March 19, 2009

5 gallons!!!

Yes friends, I have done the math and that is how much Soda I would drink in one week. ONE WEEK FOLKS!!!! Are you kidding me?!?! It makes my stomach turn to think about it!!!!! one of my earliest and cutest pictures is me as a baby kneeling out in the sand by the beach drinking a black-cherry Shasta...good times...oh yes they were good times. Last year I gave up my beloved Cola drinks and that fabulous caffeine which has made me the butt of many jokes two Christmases ago. I remember someone bringing me a ginormous 84 oz drink and me talking at a clocked speed of 120 mph. It was a week later I dropped my colas....and I haven't had one since unless you count the half a cup I used for a marinade for our Ham the kids still dream about. And now it has been a full week since I have drank any soda...I miss it. The carbonation is what I miss the most. It really wasn't a choice I made...the juice was just a better price. I have my Sunny D and got connected on that for awhile. If I drink it again it will be nice, but I am not craving it like I had before. It just made me wonder just how much soda I had drunk. I broke out the calculator and added it up...5 gallons a week!!! Now that is WAY too much. Has anyone else ever had this problem?

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Ninny said...

I applaud you! It is so hard to break those habits, but your body will surely thank you!