Saturday, March 14, 2009

Plan B

So...last night as I was trying to sleep it hit me..."What is the worst that could happen if we have to walk away?" 4am I dropped out of bed to my knees and began to pray like there was no tomorrow. What would we do? How would we do it? Then it hit me...the migraine to end all I prayed. I never had anything happen to me before like that. I ended my prayer and crawled into bed wishing it away.
During this time I was very quiet. I didn't make a sound. Unfortunately, my sweet hubby was snoring. I actually had to ask him to roll over which he did most graciously. My head was pounding and my pillow felt like rocks were inside instead of my favorite fluff 'n stuff. Next thing I knew hubby sat straight up ckimbed out of bed to hit change dish and picked up something. walked around to my side of the bed and gave me a blessing while I was half asleep. I was so grateful as the pain dissipated a bit. What I didn't realize was how nauseated my stomach had become. Hubby crawled back into bed silently and just held me all morning. At one point he knew my stomach was in an uproar...again...not saying a word from my lips. he got up again and blessed me. The nausea left.
When it was time to get up for work he left me to sleep, but I can't miss work so I got up as well. My head still hurt a bit as I was waking up, but much better than it had. I told him about my experience and he reminded me that the blessing is according to my faith. I said a silent prayer and heard the spirit whisper:"headache first, then property." To most of you it makes no sense, but it did for me. I was given the opportunity to rid myself of a headache using faith. After that I just put my whole faith into the Lord for someone to buy it. It was an important lesson I needed to learn.
So, where does Plan B come into all of this? Well, if for some reason the store does not happen to sell we remembered we were in a worse position than this up in Oregon. We can turn things around and land on our feet. Worst case scenario...we sell out the remaining product in the store and walk away. Sure, our credit will be ruined for a good seven years, but you know what? That doesn't really matter...none of it does. The fact is, we will still have each other. We still have the gospel and we still have family. Don will head down south and find a rental for us and search for a job. When we get down there...I will search for a job. Just looking around there are plenty of different positions that I could possibly fill that I would find interesting. I could most definitely work in retail and perhaps find a mangerial position. There are plenty of positions at the local hospital that I would easily qualify for that I would find very interesting. It would be a big step into the unknown that has become my life. So as you can see, the worst case not so bad after all. So realize my friends, if you are getting lost inthe shuffle of the economy and you are in fear for your spouse's job disappearing....really take a solid look at the worst case's not as bad as it would seem!!! Have a great day all!!!

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