Tuesday, March 10, 2009

So, there was this weekend....

My weekend contained more twists and turns that Mr. Toad's Wild Ride at Disneyland....is it possible? Hubby, the kids, and I bolted from the house saturday evening for our own "wild ride."

we planned on heading down south for a quick overnighter with hubby's cousin who I actually knew in high school. A reunion of sorts. The plans were simple...get together, talk, reminisce, BBQ, let kids all play together, walk the beach, relax and enjoy each others company. We had to be back Sunday night, as the kids had school Monday. So...we were ready for the crazed visit.

As with anything in my life...simple and I apparently don't mix... remember that pesky detail that I knew his cousin in high school? Yup, well....I had a MAJOR crush on him. I know. Wow!!! We are talking major surreal moment.

After we arrived the kids quickly split off and disappeared having a great time together. We all sat in the back around a fire pit where I sat between hubby and the crush. My eyes darted back and forth between the two men who were excitedly chatting and catching up on life and then it hit...I burst out into laughter. The entire situation was odd and hysterical to me. They both stared at me as if I just arrived from another planet which sent me into even more giggle fits. They fell back into the conversation and I watched as they caught each other up on the goings on.

That night we all climbed into bed and fell promptly asleep. I, as always, woke up early and climbed out of bed, showered and got myself looking remarkably decent. I tiptoed into the other room where I spent some time writing in my notebook. The kids were asleep around me and I was simply stealing some private time before the chaos hit.

As his cousin came down the stairs I was chastised for not waking him up...well excuse me? I don't believe it would be appropriate to sneak into another man's bedroom and wake him up. Just a thought. needless to say we worked on breakfast while Don was getting up and showered. Once he was ready we had everything else completed. That's when our visit started it's downhill slide. The plans were simple....walk along the beach. Nothing more, nothing less.

While waiting for the sun to peek out from the clouds the kids began wrestling with Don while we all stayed off to the side watching. 6 children darting in and out doing their best to attack the grown man. Everyone was having a great time until....

Whoops! Wrestling doesn't equate too close to having just eaten. Don ran for the bathroom and slightly missed. I of course, having an iron stomach and "Mom abilities" go in to clean it all up...on my knees. Now, if you know me well you can see this is a bad idea getting worse. being on my knees...not a good thing. So, I clean up the mess and then hand my supplies and everything to Hubby who promptly takes it all out. Then disaster hits again....my knee won't straighten.

Are you kidding me?! When this happens it is nothing short of embarrassing let me tell you. I called for the Hubby and he looked at me face and then looked down at my knee knowing full well what had transpired. Bursitis...His face fell, I tried to get to the couch, but it hurt so stinkin' bad. I was given some ibuprofen, which normally works to stop the swelling...normally. So, there I sit and wish I was completely invisible because the entire day is now shot since I can no longer walk.

Embarrassed enough, I simply wanted to hide my head in the sand. I set to work starting on the pasta salad I was making for dinner. All day, as I hobbled taking care of one thing or another I began to hear whispers behind my head. Dear cousin would walk by whispering..."sit down, let us wait on you, don't be stubborn, you are very pig-headed." I have to admit all are true, but I can't help it. I like to be embarrassed in my own home, not at someone else's house. What would you do?

By the end of the visit I learned a few things:

#1- Crushes are crushes- It was a good memory to think back about my high school crush and then see him nearly 20 years later. I love him to death, but I love my hubby more.

#2- If your man vomits at a family member's house...make him clean it up if you actually WANT to WALK on the beach

#3- It doesn't matter what you do...as long as you do it together.


Ninny said...

That sucks! Was the pasta salad good at least?

Tammy said...

The pasta was definitely good!!! The company though was better. It was really a great time!!!

:Jan the crazy lady: said...

Sorry. Crushes and vomit in the same learning experience cracks me up for some reason.

Cherie said...

Hi I am just visiting from Jan's blog. I started reading your "adventure" and I could not stop laughing. I am sure it was not fun at the time but to an outsider the whole "crush", "we climbed into bed together", and the "vomit" is kinda funny - hee hee.

Hope you have a great day and thanks for letting me visit and have a laugh:D

Tammy said...

How can you not laugh?!?!?! Vomit, high school crushes, a bum knee, and oh yes...we pulled out the ol' yearbook....too funny. I can't wait for round 2...oh yes, it is sooo in the works!!!!

Silcox Stories said...

Tammy- what can I say, except that you handled it brilliantly of course! I too have a story about high school crushes, husbands, reuniting, etc. I'll have to share with you sometime!

lynne said...


Nothing goes better together than vomit, knee injury and an old crush!

And I agree with Jennie; sounds like you handled it in a very graceful way.

Good times, right? :)

Tammy said...

Graceful is not in my vocabulary...let's jsut say the "weeble wobbles" nope! They were sooooo not fashioned after me!!!

Oh and Jen...you need to dish on THAT experience!!!