Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fabulous Picture!!!

I am thrilled to have received permission from my Bloggy Buddy Robin to post a picture of hers. She has the most fabulous crafts and pictures. Truly amazing to me! Visit Robin here. So, for all my Twilighter friends:

Bella's Truck...in Forks. With a wreath of garlic...Robin..was that you who did that?!?!!?


~The Robin's Nest~ said...

Hi Tammy,
No I did not hang the garlic on the truck. The people of Forks have quite the "twilight" sense of humor. I will post photos of La Push tomorrow. There is a sign right before you cross into La Push that says-"No Vampires behind this point." (pretty funny)
In three weeks I will post photos from Port Angeles, Forks and La Push that will be worth seeing. We are even going to the Italian diner Edward took Bella to in Port Angeles and ordering the mushroom ravioli!
Take Care,

Mikki said...

I saw this over on her blog tonight too. Too funny. I can't wait for tomorrows edition.