Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Value of Laughter...

As you sit at your computer I ask you to think about the last time you laughed...I mean REALLY laughed!!! Was it something simple or did you just lose your marbles at one point? I come from a family...as I have more than likely blogged before...which has a saying that lives in our hearts: "Sometimes you need to choose whether to laugh or cry....our family chooses to laugh."
It is a true thing. Our family dearly loves to laugh. It can be anything...an inappropriate bodily function at an inopportune moment...a case of the giggles...an errant mouth forgetting how to put words in a specific order ...for example when my child explained she was going through a "hobo phase"...though we are still not quite sure how that came about. My parents brought us up this way. My father laughed dearly as he tried to spoon up some of his homemade soup, complete with his cow tongue seasoning. I absolutely refused soup on this day as he held the tongue up in the ladle...go figure. My parents struggled to stifle their laughter as my graduation turned into a free for all. The students took charge.
At my uncle's funeral we laughed as a family member nearly passed out when my father walked in...apparently he looked a little too much like his brother. We laughed.
And tonight while talking on the phone with a good friend from high school, he reminded me that even in the worst of times in teen times I always laughed. He then explained that is why he wanted to date me so bad...too bad he was nearly 6 inches shorter than me. Anyway, with all the stress of the days and weeks with trying to sell and unload the burdens I have been weighed down pretty heavily. Along with a good dose of sweet counseling and pure friendship he gave me 200 cc's of laughter and I had a great conversation and laughed hard as he reminded me what nuts we were and still are...and of course how much our children will all need counseling with our fabulous parenting skills!!! Thanks Bobby!!!
My challenge to you my friends...let go and laugh. Laugh hard, laugh well, and laugh loud....it burns calories!!!


Jan the crazy lady said...

So true so true Tammy. I think that the world would be a different place if we laughed more. Jesus laughed. I have felt his humor many times.

I love these thoughts so much. Thanks. Glad you got to talk to a friend too. How fun.

Momza said...

Having a sense of humor has saved my children's lives. No kiddin'!

rad6 said...

Ok, I clicked on your blog because of the title of this post! I believe in laughter! It is the best medicine and for me sometimes the only medicine.
If you read Jan's blog yesterday then you had a good hard laugh! I am still laughing from it!!!!! OH MY!!!!!!! ROTFLOL

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

My husband and I always make each other laugh~Sometimes not even meaning to. Like the other day we were watching TV together and they had a ad for Rogaine for men to put on their scalp so they don't go bald-AND I said, "only problem with that is it probably gives them DISRECTILE FUNCTION" My husband just busted a gut-I started laughing too then said, "what?" This made him laugh even louder-Then he said, "honey, it's ERECTILE DISFUNCTION"
We both just started cracking up then and I said, "yes, that's what I said wasn't it?!" Then he told me what I really said... boy oh boy. LOL! :)

What I love about my husband is he knows I am smart but have a little case of dyslexia so by the time the word gets from my brain to my mouth it sometimes gets a little messed up! After 20 years he still thinks it's cute.
So yes, we are "laugh" people too!
Life is too short not to!