Sunday, March 15, 2009

For a change...

I've noticed that when you go through trials your focus remains on one thing and one thing alone...your trial. However, do you ever look around in the midst of your trial and see the amazing works happening in your your family.

Before this trial:

We loved our kids like anyone else would love theirs. We struggled to hold family home evening. Personal prayer was left up to you when and if you decided to say a prayer. We had a great time with the kids on our many different adventures and exploring different places. we loved to go out and spend moeny and find those great little things we "just had to have."

In the midst of the trial:
We still love our kids, but even moreso. Family Home Evening happens regularly. We pray together as a family once. Our personal prayers are getting more frequent. We pray at the opening of the store and at the closing to thank Heaveny Father for the business we have at hand.We read scriptures together everyday and I am working at my own personal scripture study...something I haven't done in years. We do not travel to exotic places any longer though I have found great tools through my years as a travel consultant to save myself the most money I can on vacation with the family.

At the end...I'll let you know when I get there ;)

I have to admit...thinking of the worst case scenario has created a bit of excitement in my heart and a skip in my step. I have peeked in at some of the jobs available down in the San Antonio area. There are so many different positions available that I am qualified for that I am actually excited. If we do have to walk away fromt he store and our life here I see the adventure awaiting me down south. Many positions are available at the local hospital system...I could learn so much in just a support deskwork for me I am hoping. Retail positions are available all over the area. Not that retail life in your own store is unfulfilling, but if I had to find something other than being a stay-at-home Mom (my dream job by the way) there are so many jobs to choose from. See, even in the worst case scenario...there are good things. So, everyone keep your chin up and remember there is ALWAYS a ray of hope!!!! I lvoe you all and thank you for your constant support and good cheer. I wouldn't have made i this far without your incredible words of encouragement!!!!


:Jan the crazy lady: said...

I feel the hope stride in each of your steps Tammy. You will find what you need and it will be because of your faith and endurance. I am so inspired.

Jen said...

Great perspective. You really help us all out!

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

Hi Tammy,
Hey I just wanted to stop by and say thanks for stopping in on the book blog and leaving a comment. I always love to hear what you think about books being you are a writer! If you would like to join up with us any time and become a member let me know cause I sure would like to have you as part of the sisterhood. I know you and your family are going through alot right now -Though I do not comment much I do keep up with your blog and keep you all in my prayers. Theres just too many blogs and so little time! BTW: Even if you don't want to become a member I still love having you comment on the books!
Take Care and God Bless You~I know he is!