Sunday, March 22, 2009

Forget Hollywood Premieres!!!

When you are welcomed like can you go wrong....HE-LLLOOOO Edward!!!!
Most of you know when I travel to a friend's house...I don't travel lightly. Popcorn anyone!?!?!
The treats these women put together were absolutely incredible!!! However, calories don't count on Girl's Night Outs!!!!!
After our FABULOUSO movie night we were given time to flex our mind muscles with some trivia!!!

With the fabulous gifts given was time for a group photo. A truly fun night gals!!!
Thanks hostesses for a fabulous night!!!!


Jan the crazy lady said...

That looked like so much fun. I saw Jen's post and thought that was you snickering by the popcorn machine. You funny girl. I might watch this. I have not indulged in the books because of my daughter. But I might cave and watch the movie. But maybe not either.

Have a great week Tammy. I hope all goes better for ya.

Tristan said...

Oh..I would have loved that!!

I'm stopping by fom the book club!

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

Wow Tammy! That looks like an amazing night! My 18 year old daughter and I stood in a line of around 2000 people at 12:01 on Friday night-We were about number 900 in line (we know this because they were giving out 900 collectors DVD's and we were the last to get them!) So at 1 o'clock in the morning, my husband, daughter and I watched Twilight for the first time ever! I liked it but of course not as much as the book itself. I loved that they showed Multnomah Falls (when at the baseball field) My husband and I have climbed up to the top of the falls a few times. I loved the scenery of the Columbia river Gorge-I have traveled this road hundreds of times! I'm glad we got the movie...New Moon comes out Novermber 20 2009!

Jen said...

Tammy! I am soooo glad you came! You always make everything more fun!

Nicole said...

wow looks like a lot of fun. I think i should def do that with some of my friends since they all love twilight too!

Mikki said...

Man!! I want to come to your next girls night out. That looks like TONS of fun.