Friday, January 2, 2009

There is something confusing....

There is something confusing about having a holiday hit directly in the center of the work week. We normally run from Tuesday through Saturday and then take off Sunday and Monday for our weekend. Two weeks of one day being closed has confused my mind and I find it hard to remember that I have my weekend coming very soon. Our friend, Becky had a little fun a few days ago here at the store.

We were lucky to have some friends from Oregon drive down and celebrate the New Year with us. It was a fun time of playing cards, eating, watching movies, playing more games,
realizing we really stink at any Wii games(and yet how funny we look while playing them!!yes, they were boxing), talking, catching up, riding the quad, climbing the train car, torturing my children (figuratively only) and just plain having fun!!!

Molly was sweet enough to pose for me.

Then I caught a picture of the hubs looking over his kingdom. It was a sad bittersweet moment where he fell into deep thought about selling the house, store and property and how much he would miss it, but a smile overcame the gloominess as he realized we would be where our Heavenly Father wanted us.

Life didn't seem so bad after that. So, if you ever hit that gloomy part of your life where things just seem wrong remember we are where our Heavenly Father wants us and that's all we need to be.

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