Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Random Wanderings...

Yesterday was a horrible day I want to erase from my memory...Oh! And let's not forget last night's tossing and turning. Ugh!!!! Today can get no worse. It was my day off! Did you hear that? My day off!!!! I am happy to report the best part of the day is that I slept in and didn't climb fully out of bed until nearly noon. By then I was caught up in a movie and didn't leave my bedroom until 2pm....That, my friends, was the best part of the day. Had I known what was in store I would have really stayed there, but let's not stop the story there shall we? At 2pm when I wandered from the bed and decided to complete a little extra packing, I was truly not feeling my best. For some strange reason my tummy was not happy like it normally is. I had eaten already, but it was just discomfort, nothing else. I can ignore discomfort, easily. My foot was hurting, not unusual for me as I always have a plethora of foot problems that I have gone to the doctor for a bazillion times, but basically one foot just ached with each step. Again, I have learned to ignore the aching. There is normally nothing you can do about it and it lessens with each day.

Anyway, we managed to get some of the packing done that we had set out to work on and I am thrilled. Later, I was talking to my kids and such and asked my oldest if I could sit in my normal seat so I can sit in the recline position to put my foot up. She completely understands and begins to get up when I begin to feel excruciating pain in my foot. I realize my little baby toe is caught underneath the chair she is trying to get out of (not an easy chair to escape to be honest). As the pain is shooting through my face she freezes, still leaning on the chair knowing something really bad is happening. It was the deer in the headlight look and yet she is still putting her full weight on my tiny insignificant baby toe. By the time she understands tears have welled up and my face is beet red. At this time I am soooo happy I didn't let out a string of curse words, they never even made it through my mind, because people : "IT HURT!!!!!" Needless to say once I sat down and hubby examine my new black and blue pinky toe that was swelling the size of my big toe I spent half my time convincing my eldest that it was not her fault. In case you were wondering: Yup!!! I broke the sucker. I am sure many of you are asking: "Did you head to the doctor now?" Of course not!!! Did you know that the only thing they can do for a broken toe is to tape it to the one next to it?! It's true, so there was no point in even thinking about going in. Oh, and for your amusement...the newly broken toe was not on the same foot that was hurting earlier. I knew you would enjoy that one!!!

Anyway, after the fiasco I was able to slip a beautiful shoe over my ginormous foot and we made our way to Gerard's Deli downtown. It is "THE" best sandwich place here in town. I have adored it since high school. We ate a bit, my tummy was still not happy. Hubby decided that we should take a walk through the "fake" mall over here... I'll explain that one later. So, basically my feet are aching with each step, but guess what? I am quarter dutch which declares that I must remain stubborn on how I am feeling. I spent a few minutes in the mall bathroom attempting to help my tummy feel better. Again details are not necessarily important at this moment. Finally we walk the entire mall and hubby declares it is time to go home. My kids had flitted around me the entire time slipping their arms around my waist and giving me the gobs of love that made me refuse to cancel our outing. How could I?

We made it home and I quickly slipped the shoes off my throbbing feet and sat in the chair that caused the trouble...after visiting my bathroom again for a minute or two...or three. I put my feet up and tried to force the bad of the day out of my system, but I couldn't.

Do you know what I discovered? I'll take my bad day. do you know why? I take this bad day and savor it because in the end I appreciate my good days much more if I have those bad days. Bring on the bad days!!!!


::Jan:: said...

Those toes hurt when they are messed with. I hope it gets better. I have broke my toe over and over again. I really feel your pain. Get some rest. You so deserve it Tammy.

Hatch Family said...

poor pinky toe! i hate toe oughies....they HURT!

Poetry of Life said...

I hope you will be able to put your feet up more often!