Saturday, January 10, 2009

Last Night...

I must happily announce that I survived my fast, although much weakened and dealing with a few issues I always have to deal I made it through. As we arrived and I exited the car I felt the spirit whisper: "it is enough." With that message I enjoyed some time in the cold eating doughnuts with my laurels and the rest of the youth and soaking in their spirits. We entered the temple and I was greeted by an old familiar friend. Every time I entered the doorway I feel at peace with myself and I know what clarity is on the way. In the changing room my heart began to thump and I felt something special was going to happen that evening. If I were Spiderman my "spidey senses" would be off the chart. So I walked around enjoying the peace and the service I was performing. In the baptistery, I watched as two men entered the waters offering a baptism to those who had passed on from long ago. I heard one of their last names..."Astle" I craned my neck trying to get a better view of that man. My eyes got big and my jaw hit the floor. I knew him! But could it be?! I brushed it off as a mere coincidence, but my heart thumped the answer.
When I married 16 years ago hubby and I taught what was then called the Merrie Miss/ Blazer B (now known as the valiant 11) class in Primary for a few months at church. In that class were several children one of which I still keep in touch with this day. I'm sure many will agree with that age you wonder if they are even listening of if they are blocking you out. Tonight I realized that perhaps a little part of the lessons we taught slipped through the blockade.
In the hallway later on I saw the young man again and a friend talking to him. I asked another friend who had lived in the area for some time if she knew him and she answered sure as he was married to a young woman she knew from another ward. He was now the father of three children. In the end, I found out it truly was my young student who I last saw nearly 15 years ago. he didn't remember me, but then again how many of you remember all of your primary teachers?
And, in answer to the questions I had about the sale of the store and the move... I can't really tell you, but the response in my heart I received made even me smile!!!!

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