Friday, January 30, 2009

Prayer Update.... and advertising!!!

A light on our answering machine was blinking quite rapidly last night...It's great to be popular. Of course I was sure it was a telemarketer trying to drive me bananas!!! Anyway, it was that newer member to our ward to call us and tell us that he had received an offer on his place. I was so excited for him. he had put his faith in the Lord and an offer was given. He, being the sweet man that he was, is still praying for us. I appreciate that. the good Lord keeps telling us that it is going to sell and it is hard to argue with the sweet spirit that resides in your being when you receive such confirmations. However, we figured it couldn't hurt to try and help out our agent a little bit...

We normally spell out names. We have had George Albert Smith in there for some time and then we decided to have a bit of fun. We used nicknames: Cindy...the name my high school history teacher called me back in the 80's and still calls me. he never had my name right. We had "Ted" for the hubby as we have sung the great 80's hit "I Wanna Be A Cowboy." We even through a few of your names in there as well. Just for fun. I can't wait until my agent comes into the office and goes online to see how we are trying to help him!!! What good clients we are!!!!

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