Sunday, January 25, 2009

I "Chews" to Serve!!!

You know how sometimes going to church can seem like a chore. Really, waking the kids up, making sure they are all presentable. I admit now that they are older it is much easier though there are more details rather than just having the right shoe on the right foot. It is still tough to balance that along with having the lesson ready and set to teach. Today though I woke up while hubby was showering and getting ready for his first meeting of the day. I decided to rise and shine and to get up and go over my lesson one more time. It was nice before the kids

woke up to have some quiet to get the spirit on my side early. As we came into church it was a really nice morning. Clouds hung overhead, Birds were chirping...OK!!!! So I enjoy clouds..there is more to life than sunshine everyday. Anyway, I made it through sacrament meeting. I enjoyed the talks especially one from the mother of one of my fabulous laurels. I loved listening to her talk and I now have taken something she said to be my own personal motto...WALK BY FAITH, NOT BY SIGHT...what a beautiful thing to always remember in our hearts. It is true I am walking by faith now, not by sight and I am letting go of everything I can't control. I like it better that way.

Anyway, towards the end of the day a brother in our ward began to hand out gobs and gobs of chocolate. I am not talking Hershey's here people....we are talking Ghiradelli's and Lindt. MMMmmmmmmm Good!!! Somehow, I needed up with two large Ghiradelli large chocolate and raspberry bars. Now, if I didn't know this wonderful man I would think he held up a chocolate truck. He had even gone so far as to give my hubby 5 bars of Lindt Milk Chocolate with caramel filling AND a jar of raspberry chocolate fudge sauce....I am wishing I had bought a few gallons of vanilla ice cream....that is definitely on my "To Do" list for tomorrow!!!

Thank you Brother Davies!!!! We appreciate the sweet treats!!!! And don't worry....I will "Chews" the Right tonight!!!!


Leslie said...

Any man that hands out chocolate is man worth celebrating!! He brought a giant stack of the Lindt bars to all the Primary leaders too! Yummy.

Cute blog by the way!

Leslie Ashby

::Jan:: said...

What ward are you in? That is just too cool for words. Thanks Bro. Davies is right. Looks good Tammy.