Friday, January 2, 2009

Any thoughts?!

As I was talking to a friend in the hallway on Sunday before Sunday school I turned to find one of the bishop's counselors smiling fiendishly at me. I sighed and asked when he wanted me to speak and what he wanted me to speak on. It is interesting to me in my head I actually held not one, but two conversations. I'll include both what I said and in "( )" you can read my thoughts. I think actually it would have been rather funny if I had just said what I thought. Oh well...

"Sister, we'd like to have you speak in two weeks."

"Sounds great! (GRRRRR!!!) What is my subject?"

"We'd like you to speak on the 8th article of faith."

"No problem! I'll get to work on that!! (Huh! I thought there were only 7!) Which one is that?"

"We believe the Bible to be the word of God as far as it is translated correctly. We also believe the Book of Mormon to be the word of God."

"Got it! (How in the world am I supposed to speak on that!?)"

So, I come to the masses, my blogging friends, and ask you. Do you have any ideas? Quotes, Thoughts?

Help me Obi-Bloggy kenobe! You're my only hope!!!!

Ok! So thought the Star Wars begging would help, alas I have cemented my bid as the Queen of the dorks! Yay me!!!!


Jan said...

I just know that there are so many translations that it makes so much sense to have 1 told to us that is the most correct. I read a friends once and it was so weird. I got no inspiration from that Bible. It was like reading a blog that was a guys thoughts, not prophets or disciples.

And I am grateful that the BofM is translated once. I love the pure form of it. Good luck.

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

All I can say girl is "may the force be with you" :)
Happy New Year!

Poetry of Life said...

I would focus first on believing in the Bible and the BOM to be the word of God. How they go hand in hand. Then at the end focus on the "translated correctly" part and how during "translation" important ideas or feelings may be lost. I'm sure you could find a really good story about someone translating something from one language to another and having the meaning all messed up. I wish I could be there to hear what you choose to do! Good luck!