Thursday, January 15, 2009

How far would U go?!

Seriously, people think we are absolutely nuts here trying to sell the store at a time like this, but when you receive a prompting, crazy as it may seem, or not, would you accept it? Don and I have been through several instances of being prompted to do something that may seem a bit crazy to some, but in the end a few months/years down the line made perfect sense. Once we drove down to California (10 hour trip each way) simply to stash some of Don's guns at his parent's house. Why?! I couldn't tell at that time, but soon I fell into a deep and horribly dark depression and it didn't click in then...I never thought I was THAT bad, but others disagree. In the end there was a happy ending...why?...because we listened. Where are we at now? In a major move during a very bad recession...Why?....because we are listening. Part of me is going to miss this area because of friends, who most definitely have promised to visit and I can't wait to see them!!! Oh wait, I'll see them at church. I can see in the eyes some people questioning our sanity, but whatever...I'm used to it. Think about it , though. How far would you go to follow a prompting?


::Jan:: said...

That really is the bottom line Tammy. If you are doing what he is telling you,then you are where you are suppose to be. That is comfort and joy right there.

Poetry of Life said...

Good for you! You are doing the right thing and you can feel at peace with that. It will happen! We know it!