Tuesday, January 27, 2009

When Naps Go Bad!!!!

What was I thinking?! I was sooo tired!!!! I spent the afternoon after church sending some info to another...relating to church of all things... and once I settled in for a little rest time I realized it was time to work on dinner. Fabulous, so I make my way into the kitchen and whip up some of my "oh so fabulous" tacos using my leftover roast as the meat...nothing going to waste. I am earning my wings and halo today!!! After dinner I lay down as hubby is watching television. He looks over and sees I am heading for "Naptown USA" smiles and says don't sleep too long. Nearly 3 HOURS LATER!!! I am woken up and guess what? I can't get back to sleep until the next morning at around 4:45AM!!!! AAAARGH!!!!
I already know what is going to happen. I am not going to be given the chance to sleep in...It's inevitable. The next morning hubby rolls over to snuggle with me.
I told him in no uncertain terms to let me sleep until noon, I am exhausted. Does that work? NO!!!!!! He suddenly gets this wild hair that he needs to talk. And he talks....and talks...and talks. I even mentioned that perhaps he was being led stray in talking so much since I was so incredibly exhausted...still!!! Sorry, the hint was not taken. Instead he chattered on about what we would be doing that particular day. Guess what?! I didn't care one bit.
And so my day starts...
We head out to eat breakfast with the fam and then we pay PGE because I have to recharge my laptop somehow!!! Afterwards we head to Bass Pro Shop, because y'know. When i am fully exhausted I want to walk around a ginormous "man store" with my kids who really have no appreciation for the store. We spend...no I am not kidding...nearly 2 hours in the store looking at everything...because apparently last week's trip to the same store was not quite enough. Hubby picks up new car seats...in camo... along with a new steering wheel cover in none other than...camo...my head is hurting, but at least I found a giant bag of Bit O'Honeys for some energy. From there we head over to the mall here in town where it seems every single store inside is destined to be going out of business. My oldest is in search for a pair of jeans. What the heck...she's buying and somehow my youngest ends up with a pair that I ended up paying half for and my darling boy picked up a new used video game to which he promised to give up his allowance the next two weeks for.
We head to the grocery store to pick up the ice cream to go with our Ghiradelli chocolate raspberry fudge sauce...my mouth waters just thinking about it.
Afterwards we make it home and all I am planning to do is play a simple game of Mario Party 8 with my youngest...it's our traditional monday afternoon game warfare. Does that happen? Nope! it seems the little man's video game is not working properly. Hubby asks me to return it as he is feeling worn out and his temper may get the best of him if they argue. He does come along though which is great because my eyes are blurry and I don't think driving is a good thing for me at that point. We return said game with absolutely no issue whatsoever and on our way from the mall we run into a friend who we find out just received notice he is getting laid off next week. So, then our wonderful friend and us get into this great conversation about the economy....I hate the economy.... to which the little man is bored and starts hanging on me...Did I mention I'm exhausted. Our friend mentioned how fabulous I look in glasses...why do you think I keep that sweet friend around?! Love him!!!!
Anyway, we get home and I melt into chair where we play a quick game. After game it is time to make dinner. Youngest decides she is making spaghetti...I love when the kids cook...and I don't have to. I whip up a quick batch of garlic bread. We eat...my head starts to pound...I fight it off with will power....we complete Family Home Evening...lesson and all and hubby declares I am in charge of the treats. No problem. Sundaes for kids...banana splits for us...we all eat. I head tot he bedroom. I am truly ready to drop. At 7:41 i look at the clock and enjoy watching Bear Grylls try to warm himself up while I am encased in a toasty cocoon of blankets. Sorry Bear! I wouldn't want your job....nope!!! Not one bit!!!! Within 5 minutes hubby looks at me says good night and I am out!!! I wake at 2am to find hubby still watching tv....I'm glad its him and not me!!!!Needless to say I wake back up a few short minutes before the clock strikes 6am. I feel refreshed, but still tired. How sick is that?!?!?!?
I've come to the conclusion that if I fall asleep THAT late next time...they had better let me sleep all night!!!!
***Quick Side Note*****
Hubby only got 4 hours of sleep last night!!!!
Mwahahahaha!!! Where can I drag him?!?!?!


Cynthia said...

I'm tired just reading that! I'm glad you finally got a few zzzz's though.

Silcox Stories said...

Naps can be vicious; especially when they get timed out all wrong. And husbands just don't seem to understand the lack of sleep issue unless it applies to themselves! Happy day dear friend!

::Jan:: said...

Holy snore time. I am bushed now.

Jen said...

I ♥♥♥ Naps! But not with all that resulting.