Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Attitude is Everything...

Today was a grim day at the store. We waited...and waited and waited for our non-existent customers to show up. Small business owners could tell you nightmare stories of their economic woes. I won't. It's not worth it. Whining and complaining are not the key so I am looking at the things I am grateful for.

*I am grateful for the silence--it allowed me to concentrate on part of the taxes I was preparing.

*I'm grateful for the time--my son and hubby tore down a large shelving unit that was broken beyond repair. Today my son learned how to work.

*I'm grateful that I was able to hone my skills in the game of hearts on the computer...bad news, the computer players still won.

*I'm grateful for the roof still over my head.

*I'm grateful for the the peace in my heart...everything is going to be all right.

*I'm grateful for the laughter...my son approached us yesterday with a list in hand of things he and his sisters would like from the grocery store to snack while they are on break from school...and the list was not bad...fish sticks...yogurt...muffins. Yahoo!!! I'm doing something right.

So, the fact that our sales did not equal over a hundred dollars could possibly cause a lump in our throats pretty much sucks, but at the same time there were things to be grateful for the entire day.

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