Monday, January 19, 2009

About Last Night...

Last night hubby fell asleep, so as not to disturb him I wandered out with my little pink laptop to work on my writing. The girls asked me to pop some popcorn and join them for some chick flick time. Works for me!!! Now, you have to understand, when I am in the middle of a story my family knows nothing about what I am writing. Not a stitch. Hubby sees nothing. Children attempt to break into my laptop, but thank heavens they are computer savvy enough to hack into it...yet. Hopefully, I will learn more than they do. We shall see. I am happy that the writing is going well and the story developing fabulously. I finished the outline, but more and more details keep cropping up into my head. The family laughs when they see a big smile across my face. They know another twist has developed and yet they know nothing of what I am writing. My kids have begged for a fantasy that all three will enjoy reading. When you are dealing with boys and girls in the junior high level it's actually hard to incorporate everything they want. I've opted for the simple fun and adventure. I am very excited about it as this is the first time since the last novel I have held a vision of what I was supposed to write. It makes me happy. Happy is a good thing. Besides, it will help me concentrate on more than just the seemingly far away sale of the property. It's going to take forever!!!!
My mood changed today as we were wandering the highways around here and pulled up behind a semi that had a sign on the back:
"Caution: Tailgating may Result In Guacamole!!!"

and if that wasn't funny enough the side of the truck read:

"Look Mommy!!! it's the burrito truck!!!"

You've gotta love California!!! Oh and if you live where the snow falls..It was nearing 70 degrees today. no sweaters required!!! Oh yeah!!!!


TroyandJessica said...

It's just like San Antonio. The weather was beautiful. We spent the day outside with just a light sweater.

Cynthia said...

Hey! No fair bragging about your awesome weather!

I didn't know that you wrote novels/stories. That is so cool. I'd never have the talent to do that but I HAVE made up some fun ones for my kids. We tell bedtime stories about the 'Fabulous Rainbow Pigs of Southbridge Farm'. Just goofy kid stuff but I hope they will someday tell their kids stories about the pigs!