Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Help For You All!!!

Try it without looking at the answers......

1) Pick your favorite number between 1-9

2) Multiply by 3 then

3) Add 3, then again Multiply by 3

(I'll wait while you get the calculator....)

4) You'll get a 2 or 3 digit number.

5) Add the digits together

Now Scroll down ..............

Now with that number see who your ROLE MODEL is from the list below:

1. Albert Gore
2. Jesse Jackson
3. George Bush
4. Hillary Clinton
5. Mickey Mouse
6. Barack Obama
7. Rush Limbaugh
8. Jimmy Carter
9. Me!!! Tammy at "JUST ME"
10. Ted Kennedy

I know....I just have that effect on day you too can be like me.... :-) Believe it!
P.S.: Stop picking different numbers. I am your idol, just deal with it!!!!

---I couldn't resist making you smile today!!!


::Jan:: said...

I had 54. You are right. You are my role model. So proud of you.

Bee said...

mom you are my role model

your favorate Bee

Poetry of Life said...

i got you too! Thanks for the laugh!

RBS said...

And you did just that. I smiled.

Cali Girl said...

I tried every number and I got you mom!!! I wanted to get Mickey Mouse. :)