Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Wow!!! I am amazed!!!

I was talking to a friend who moved from California to Idaho and she had used a service i had never heard of. Normally I am used to the "U-haul" way of moving. Pack it up, drive it to where you want and then unload. This is WAY better. They drop off a 28ft trailer in front of the house. I have three days to fill it. They have given me an estimate for 12 feet in the truck. If I need more or less then the price will be adjusted accordingly. There is no need to worry about having too much room or not enough. They pay for the driver, the gas and all of the trucking fees to get our things to our destination. From there they leave the trailer again for another three days for us to unload. Then they pick up the trailer and I don't have to return anything. I LOVE it!!! I don't have to drive a moving vehicle along with our own car all the way to San Antonio. Sounds like a deal for me!!!! Especially since I have the hubby that knows how to pack a truck. Perfect! I am sure we will get it down a couple feet as he really knows how to pack it all in. Does anyone have any other advice about moving I have never heard of?!?! I love these tips. Oh...and in case you were wondering there was a difference between U-Haul and ABF of $400. I am quite sure that is made up for with the gas alone and the ease of the move!

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Hatch Family said...

it sounds like you are really going to move... :(