Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Do you want the giid news or the bad news?!

Bad news wise I jsut talked to a customer whose husband just passed away in a motorcycle accident. Bless her sweet heart she is holding together as well as she can. My thoughts and prayers are with her. To share with you, he had a sweet sweet heart. He would ride his motorcycle down to Palm Springs to help his in-laws with anything they needed. He was a hard worker and never had anything but a smile on his face anytime I ever saw him. He was a sweetheart and I will forever be grateful for his friendship and his laughter. At least Heavenly Father will have another carpenter home with him.

Now for the good news...Our UPS lady came in today. She disappeared one day and we had a new UPS driver for some time and I often wondered what happened to her. She ALWAYS had a smile and ALWAYS was in a good mood, even during Christmas season. She mentioned that she had found out she had breast cancer. She was in stage 3 and it was a tough uphill fight for her, but she made it...chemo, surgery & radiation. She will have reconstructive surgery later on this year. With her hair short and gray she had a smile that could light the western half of the US and shared with me that after dealing with the cancer she decided that there was no reason to sweat any of the small stuff any longer. After watching her and Jan I can honestly appreciate the beauty of trials and the lessons learned while walking through them.

I am grateful for my friends...even when they push me into pools. I am grateful for my trials because that means I will trust more in the Lord. I am grateful for blessings because that means He cares. I am grateful for craziness because that means I am alive and kicking. Enjoy the day and be grateful for the people in your lives!!!

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Jan said...

Lovely good news. And heart felt thoughts.