Thursday, August 28, 2008

Oh the fun we will have!!! Or not!!!

Today is a rather fun day here. First and foremost we have finished the inventory of the store that our agent requested so that way if someone requests the price with inventory included we have a number ready for him. All I have to say is that for two days OUCH!!!! Counting and adding together everything in the store caused my carpal tunnel to act up so bad it hurt for a good four hours after work was over with. The actual counting and adding wasn't so bad, but then we had to figure out the cost of everything as they are not going to want the retail price!!! Fabulous!! Now, if you see me cross-eyed you will know why.

I was actually happy to be finished with all of that so I could relax a bit and get back to helping our non-existent customers. Everyone has stopped or really slowed down on their shopping. It is killing us slowly, but that is exactly why we are selling. I am not sad or down at all. I am thrilled we found a great way to move our things that won't overload us. It is simply putting it in the trailer and then unloading the trailer. I am grateful for everything that we do have and hope that things pick up here a bit. I actually enjoy running to the store to pick up a few more boxes as we pack what we have. We are going to be so prepared it will not be funny. Our fabulous friends will be thrilled to see it all done and ready to load instead of having a ton of things left to be done and having it drag out forever.

Anyway, we apparently had a low wire from our phone that we were going to call and have re-tethered. A gentleman in an RV ran right through it and tore it completely down. FABULOUS!!!! Actually, it was still connected and it tore part of his RV off the top. Did he stop? NO!!! He took right off and left part of his RV hanging on the line. No worries, the phone company is on his way to make sure all is well. We would hate for anything to happen to the store now. That would be fabulous wouldn't it?

So, for the rest of the day I will just taking a bit of an easier time here. It's going to be a nice and quiet. I think I may pack later tonight. Sounds fascinating doesn't it?! I know! You are all so jealous of me!!!! HAHAHA!!!
Have a great day all!!!


TroyandJessica said...

Sounds like you're on the ball. Not even was I that prepared when we had 3months notice moving from Florida to S.A. It makes moving so much easier when you're ahead of schedule. Have Fun!

Emmy said...

you have to check my post!!! oyu will love it!!